Kreayshawn Was A Janitor?

Oakland pop rapper Kreayshawn discussed some of her past and the long road she took to stardom in a recent interview. She says that she spent many years trying to find out what she wanted to do with her life and made several poor decisions.
"I went through so many hard, crazy, random things, even in my childhood," says Kreayshawn. "That for a second I thought 'What is my life going to be?' It was insane -- I could've wound up dead."
She subsequently joined Job Corps.
"I really think it's a good place to go," Kreayshawn says. "Right before I went, I was living at (Mob partner) V. Nasty's house, and I just didn't really see myself doing much of anything. Then I heard of Job Corps, I went, and it helped me get my life on track. And if you graduate, they even help you get an apartment."
"So I learned how to power-wash cement, which was actually kind of scary -- the water is so hot, we'd have to wear these big overall outfits," she says. "I also know how to paint curbs and fire hydrants -- it was actually some pretty interesting stuff."


Mac said…
It is no big deal for me, if she was a janitor.

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