Magic Johnson Teaming With Rappers

Entrepreneur and NBA legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson wants to create a coalition with prominent rappers, athletes and other entertainers to address homophobia and HIV/AIDS within the Hip-Hop community. Johnson wants the initiative to address misinformation and stereotypes regarding the disease.
“What we’re trying to do is reach out to the Hip-Hop community because they have power — power with their voice, power with that mic in their hand and power with the lyrics that they sing,” Magic told The Huffington Post.
Johnson says that several stars have already pledged their support, but refrained from naming names too early in the development stages.
“We’re going to come out next year with everybody and we’ll have a nice big press conference and what we’re going to do, what our plan is, because it’s so important that we rally — not just them, either,” Magic said. “I need the Hip-Hop community but I also need the basketball players and football players. We need a little bit of everybody, so that’s what we’re working on now.”


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