The Muppets Dissed Waka Flocka Flame?

Many have noticed the connection between Waka Flocka Flame and famous Muppet character Fozzie the Bear's signature catchphrase "Waka, Waka, Waka!" Well, the minds behind the Muppets latest movie, entitled simply The Muppets, decided to have a little, subtle fun with the rapper's persona.
In the film, bad guy Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) shows off his fake, evil Muppets called "The Moopets." The Moopets includes a fake Fozzie Bear, who calls himself 'Waka Waka' and has a deep voice and wears gold chains.
The bear's pendant looks to be a very large "WW." It looks like a parody of Waka Flocka--in which case, you have to find it at least a little funny.


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