Slim Thug Misses Kat Stacks?

Kat Stacks may be sitting in jail in Tennessee facing deportation charges, but that doesn't mean the notorious supergroupie hasn't crossed any rapper's mind. Houston's Slim Thug said he misses her--um...'mischief.'
"Man, Kat Stacks, we ended up getting into it before but she ended up being cool," Slim told SOHH. "I used to like Kat Stacks in the way she would trick a motherf*cker. A motherf*cker could see her expose another rapper and he's still going to try and f*ck her and it gets done to him. I enjoyed what she was doing. I enjoyed what she was doing and that's how we ended up getting cool. She tweeted me the other day, as a matter of fact. She was like, 'What's good with it, bro?' and I'm like, 'What's up? You still in jail?' It's crazy. I hope she gets out because I want to see her expose some more rappers and sh*t."


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