Monday, December 26, 2011

"N***as In Paris" Subway Guy Speaks

Terrane Hicks, the man performing Jay-Z and Kanye's hit "N***as In Paris" on the NYC subway in what has become the season's biggest YouTube hit, shared his reaction to his newfound celebrity in an interview with Miss Info. Hicks is a personal trainer and martial artist and claims he was sober when he performed the song impromptu for bewildered passengers.
"Well, everyone I know keeps calling me and hysterically laughing. I love it. Love the excitement and I'm actually going to try to take this somewhere! ... I was born and raised in Harlem, recently moved to Brooklyn. I'm a martial artist and I own a personal training company called Skye Fitness. [Was I drunk?] No, actually I was totally sober. I am like this all the time. I'm just a hype person. ... No, I don't normally rap out loud but that's one of those songs that gets you hype! I really didn't care what the other riders thought. That's that song!!! And yes, I was definitely trying to entertain my fellow commuters."


J King said...

Lies Lies Lies~That nigga was on that Shit!

Anonymous said...

Shit is ridiculous really. I'm tired of people having no respect for anyone else and this is just another example. I like to joke around as much as the next person, but this fool is just acting out and looking for attention. Listen to your music and stop bothering other people with your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I have wild respect 4 this dude son .! I mean I be wantin to wild out like he did but I never had the balls ... and it made me laugh soo fuck wat the other niggas gotta say :)

miss_monogamous said...

All y'all are HATERS.. He was havin fun and it was actually hysterical to me.. Y'all jus mad cuz celebrities are acknowledging his performance with excellent feedback.. Blow da grip.. I liked it.. I actually loved it..

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