Red Cafe's Favorite Ladies

Brooklyn rapper Red Cafe revealed who some of his favorite females in entertainment are currently. While discussing who his famous celebrity crush is, Cafe also shared what artists of the fairer sex he'd like to get into the studio with.
"I listen to Sade. I'm a big Prince fan. Their melodies triggers things that make me feel like maybe I can do something like that," he revealed. "[If I could collab with any pop artist?] I like Katy Perry. I think we'd make a hot record. [Celebrity crushes?] Zoe Saldana is hot. I like clever, not slick women. I'm very easily turned off."
"I think me and Lauryn Hill could make a great, classic record," he added. "I'm a fan of great artists and music, so for you to stay relevant and I've been around for a long time so for me to still be relevant, you have to be a fan. I listen to everything and then I take things that I need to take from it to inspire me, which I think is necessary."


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