Nicki Minaj Discusses Her Journey

Rapper Nicki Minaj discussed her Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, her upcoming sophomore album, and what truly motivates her as an artist. The Young Money star spoke with the Associated Press and reflected on just how far she's come.
"I don’t ever expect to win those type of things but it’s good to be recognized and it’s good for girls to see that you could do whatever type of music you want to do and you can be recognized on a big scale," she said. "It feels crazy, like, who would have thought that? I was just chillin’ out in Southside Jamaica, Queens rapping, New York City. Never. I never would have imagined that, but it’s a blessing and I always say hard work pays off. Don’t be lazy. I’m racist against lazy people. I wish they did not exist in this world."
She says she's grown a lot as a professional since her debut, and touched on what fans can expect from her upcoming project,Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
"With recording my sophomore album, things are happening so much easier now because I was over-thinking on the first album," she says. "I was giving people what I thought they needed and what I needed my reputation to be. And now, it’s like I don’t care what you think. I’m going to do what I do for my core fans. If you like it, then you like it. And if you don’t, bye."


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