Red Cafe Defends Diddy

Sean "Diddy" Combs doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to how he's handled artists over the years. But Bad Boy emcee Red Cafe defends the mogul and his history. Cafe says that Diddy has been a huge asset to his career and that a lot of the criticism comes from disgruntled artists who needed Diddy to guide them.
"Working with Puff ... he watches over everyone. He's a part of the project from start to finish. He's very hands on. Even when I'm in the studio alone, he checks on me and sees if things are done right and the way he wants it to go," Cafe said. "This is Bad Boy's legacy. This is his legacy. ... A lot of the bad talk about Puff mainly come from artists that had success with Puff, get platinum albums with Puff, who just never got the position themselves to take control of their lives and careers. They just wanted their hands to be held for the rest of their lives. The things they say are not valid to me. Puff made all of his artists go platinum or gold. He set a platform for you to go and do your own thing. That doesn't apply to me because I was already an artist on my own touring the world, just creating revenue for Red Café on my own."


Anonymous said…
So, this is true for EVERY artist Didst has ever had ??? Somethin' is shady with Diddy. I don't care what no one says.

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