Tha Dogg Pound Discuss New Album

Daz Dilinger and Kurupt have announced that they are working on a new Tha Dogg Pound album. In a somewhat surprising twist, the duo also revealed that Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg will both be executive producers on the project.
The project is entitled Alumni and it marks the first time all parties have worked together since Dr. Dre's 1999 classic album 2001. They were all affiliated with Death Row Records during the label's 1990s heyday.
“It’s Daz and Kurupt getting that DPGC together. Big Snoop is overseeing it, Dre’s overseeing,” said Kurupt in an interview with AllHipHop. “We just got off a road trip for beats with Dr. Dre, who is still working on [Dre's album]Detox.”
“We put the beats together, submit it to him [Dr. Dre] to let him know what we are working with and he comes and adds his flavor to it," added Daz. "It’s natural.”


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