Tyga Clarifies Jay-Z Diss

Tyga discussed what many interpreted was a diss aimed at Jay-z back during the MTV Video Music Awards. When the Cash Money rapper and his label's head, Bryan "Birdman" Williams, were seated near Jay during the show, Tyga tweeted jokes about the situation. Jay and Cash Money have had a few words between them over the past year.
He says that he wasn't trying to diss anyone, however.
“I think what I said was Birdman’s sitting next to me and Jay-Z’s right here. Birdman’s talking about baby money. I thought it was funny,” he said. “But like nobody said nothing. I remember I left and nobody said anything to anybody. Kanye said what up to me, Big Sean said what up, Kid CuDi said what up. But nobody else said anything.”
“I’m a fan of everybody," he continued. "I just thought it was funny because you don’t see stuff like that. That doesn’t happen like that.”


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