Tyler Discusses His Creativity

Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator discussed his book of photography, Golf Wang, and explained how visuals and music are correlated facets of his career.
"I’ve been taking pictures since I was 15," he said. "I f**king just thought it would be cool to just put the photos up. All the photos in the book, like 80% of them are before, like, we were even famous, or we were even big. Most of those are old, some of them have never even been on the Internet. The photos of Earl in there, them sh*ts are old as f**k. And then part two will probably be 2011 and part three will be [the future]."
Tyler says he doesn't feel the need to choose between his many creative outlets.
"I can’t choose anymore," he stated. "When people ask whether I like making the video to a song or making a song to the video that’s in my head, I don’t know, I can’t choose between either one because they go hand-in-hand. They need each other."
He also revealed that he views the Odd Future collective as a punk band; and he would rather be compared to rockers than rappers.
"I’m in a punk band. It’s called Odd Future. But I really wanna be in a [rock] band. Rock bands are way cooler than rappers, in general," he added. "When people make end of the year lists, I wanna be near Trash Talk and The Strokes or some sh*t instead of f**king rappers that’s up-and-coming. I hate that sh*t. That sh*t sucks."


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