Amber Rose Announces New Single

Amber Rose has announced her first single. The buxom model has recorded the single "Fame" with her boyfriend, rapper Wiz Khalifa and plans to officially release the track this coming Tuesday (January 10) at 9 am EST.
“I'm so excited to release my first song… It's CRAZY! Working with Wiz is a dream come true; I am fortunate to have his support,” Rose told Perez Hilton. “This is a very personal song to me that I wanted to record for my fans. I want people to see the world from my eyes, you know, from BEHIND MY SHADES! It's my interpretation of what it means to be "FAMOUS," which is not something superficial but instead being self-confident and happy with who you are. You can feel famous everyday if you believe in yourself!”
Rose and Wiz have been discussing her music for several months. It is still unknown when she plans to release a full album.


Anonymous said…
Don't nobody care bout amber rose singing, she need to stfu get it thru ur head boo boo u ain't nothin but a groupie tryin to make it. In 5 year she ain't gonna nobody. But I guess its coo keep taknin to that lil dumb fuck wiz

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