Biggie Confronted Too $hort Over Lil Kim?

Rapper Too $hort shared the story of his first, somewhat-tense meeting with the Notorious B.I.G. $hort says that Biggie was very protective of his protege Lil Kim, who the $hort Dog was looking to record with.
"I paid for the tickets for Kim and her manager to come to Atlanta," $hort told RapFix. "And I went to pick them up to take them to the studio and who gets off the plane? No Lil' Kim, it was Biggie." Apparently, Biggie wanted to make sure the Oakland rapper's intentions were positive. "So what's goin' on with you and Kim? What's happenin'?" Too $hort remembered Biggie asking.
"He wanted to know what was goin' on with his little thang before he let it happen," $hort said. "So I explained it to him... and sure enough she showed up on the next flight. We got in the lab and we worked it out."
$hort says that even though he and Kim were two of the raunchiest rappers in hip hop, their collaboration "Call Me" didn't meet fans' expectations. "Believe it or not, we did the song and everybody said, 'Man, it's not dirty enough,' " $hort laughed.


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