Drake Still Considering Acting Roles

Rapper Drake says that he has not forgotten his first career as an actor. The Young Money star got his start starring on the teen soap "Degrassi," and he says that a return to acting could be in the works. He does, however, insist that he does something remarkable, not just the expected 'rapper' roles.
"I've been reading scripts for a while," Drake said in an interview. "I want to do something great. I really want to do something a movie specifically for my culture, the younger people that are still in tune with everything going on. I'm actually writing with my friends right now -- they have a production company called By Any Means Necessary, so we're writing together trying to figure out the right movie."
What would be the ideal role for Drizzy?
"Something that's not a rapper or a basketball player, which is all the scripts that I get," he says.


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