Drake Wants To Fight Common?

Rapper French Montana may have added fuel to the Drake vs. Common fire. During a recent appearance on Angie Martinez's radio show, the Bad Boy artist said that, while Drake hasn't responded to Common's numerous digs at him in the media, the Toronto rapper may be planning a physical confrontation if he ever bumps into Common on the street.
At least that's how French Montana made it sound when the subject of the beef was brought up.
"I think it was over [Serena Williams] or something like that," French said of the feud. "Shout-out to Serena Williams. I'm staying out of that. With them, you've gotta look at it like it's hip-hop, it's competition, it's good for the music. I think Drake wants to fight. Yeah, I think Drake wants to fight. He said he can't wait to run into him. Man, I'm gonna hit him. I'm gonna let him know [we don't want him fighting]. Shout-out to Drake."


Anonymous said…
Common would woop Drake ASS....that is all

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