EXCLUSIVE: Jay-Z's 40/40 Denied

HipHopBlog has learned that hip hop mogul Jay-Z's bid to put a 40/40 Club in the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport has been denied. Atlanta's city council decided against the venture and voted it down after 9 hours of debate.
It has been suggested that prospects for Jay's Atlanta 40/40 Club were already dim; as it was not recommended by the office of Mayor Kasim Reed. This, despite the fact that Jay-Z spent significant time with Reid as he lobbied for the contract.
Jay announced the proposed venture early in 2011. It should be noted that fellow hip hop star Ludacris revealed that he will be opening his own restaurant, Chicken & Beer, at Hartsfield Jackson. The airport is the busiest in the world.


Anonymous said…
DENIED! OOops. Luda saying: "Move Bit*h get out the way..."
Anonymous said…
El Oh El
Anonymous said…
Hey Jay that's good ATL is for gay people and the 40/40 don't rock like that fuck the ATL
Anonymous said…
DUMB Comments not welcomed to scare to say my name ALL people in Atlanta are not gay. I do agree with Anonymous II a club atmosphere is not what any airport wants. Jay-Z like myself is a the big city where we do it big. He saw an opportunity he jump and missed the ledge. Though Atlanta Hartsfield airport is the busiest it still in the south with southern thinking people. People that are not ready for light camera's and action
Anonymous said…

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