DMX Dismisses Fake Show Date

DMX dismissed the claims of several fake promoters and let his fans know that he will not be performing at a scheduled show in Sacramento, California. Last night DMX let fans know that he is not scheduled to perform in Sacramento, California despite several fake promoters’ claims. “SOME S**T IN THIS INDUSTRY NEVER CHANGES ….. I WAS NOT BOOKED FOR A SHOW IN SACRAMENTO ON FEB 18TH !!!” the rapper tweeted. “THEY JUST PUT UP A FACEBOOK PAGE OR WHATEVA YOU CALL IT FOR ME ILL MAKE SURE THEY PUT THE REAL DATES UP !”
X says he will not be pressing charges, however.
Although DMX could sue in court over the matter, the recently freed veteran rapper let fans know he isn’t planning on pressing charges. “SON THE LAST PLACE I WANT TO BE IS A COURTROOM,” X tweeted.


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