Jeezy Shares Twitter Tragedy

Rapper Young Jeezy revealed a shocker to DJ Vlad in a recent interview. The Atlanta rap star shared that a friend of his had died over--of all things--a Twitter beef. Jeezy opened up about how serious trivial things like social networking sites can become.
"I just lost a homeboy over twitter beef so I don’t think it’s a joke, not at all. R.I.P to Kev; He was a good kid," Jeezy shared. "I lost my homeboy and I had to be in the hospital; I left the club and came to the hospital. I had to sit there with his mother and that’s why I tell you, to y’all this sh*t is questions but to me, this sh*t is real. I sat in the room with his mother and brother; the nurse walked in and said “Ma’am, I’m sorry but you lost your son to multiple gun shot wounds to the chest” and she walked out and left her to deal with that. I had to sit there with her and comfort her."
"I also attended the funeral and this was three weeks ago, so my thing is 'I get it!'" he added. "Everybody got an ego and everybody is tough but I feel like this sh*t is meant for networking. My thing is these kids got to know they can’t take this sh*t and make it a negative. They can’t be f*cking killing each other over words. I feel bad I had to sit there and bury him with his brother. It kind of hurt me because three weeks prior to that we were all hanging, smoking and having a good time."
"It’s just crazy to see what these kids are doing today over some internet sh*t," he added. "It almost made me want to not be on twitter no more and it’s probably why I haven’t just been on it because I’m like, 'Damn, what the f*ck is going on?' I understand everybody is tough these days; tough economic times make sh*t really frustrating for people but it’s one thing to have an argument in your neighborhood but when you start beefing on f*cking twitter and people start dying, that’s when you know we got a problem."


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