"Love & Hip Hop's" Yandy On Kimbella:

Yandy Smith of "Love & Hip Hop" had some eye-opening revelations to share in a recent interview with TheYBF. The reality star dished on just how 'real' the conflicts are on her hit show, and why she feels a certain notorious castmate gets a bad rep.
"I know people have been calling me the 'Don King of reality tv,' but what I want folks to know is that you only see 10 mins out of a person's 24 hour day," she says. "I am not all about money and I am a good friend. But this is a reality show...it's for entertainment. These ladies and I are not really friends, but we are put in social interactions for entertainment purposes. And sometimes, things happen. The producers like to get a reaction because a good fight can lead to 3 million viewers. "
"As for Kimbella, she doesn’t play victim at all. But for whatever reason, a lot of people (on and off the show) hate on her," she adds. "I have seen it with my own eyes....people want to pick on her. And now she is so used to people coming for her that she is a little sensitive. But once you break down that wall, she is a sweet girl. But she is not presented in the best light on this show for a number of reasons.


bigtex65 said…
I live me some Kim, she's gorgeous , and about Business, she represents herself well , I'm a huge fan , MUAHHH.

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