Keke Palmer Discusses Dating

Actress Keke Palmer opened in a recent issue of VIBE Vixen about dating a young man who's of a different cultural background. Palmer's boyfriend is an Afro-Latino, and she says that she had some reservations but that patience and love supersede cultural differences.
'I’ve thought about it. It always seemed so difficult to me because I want to be understood culturally," she says. "When I’ve had crushes on other cultures, sometimes they don’t understand. They don’t get my jokes, they don’t get who I am or my family or anything like that. It’s not like I don’t find white guys or [other cultures] attractive, it’s just I want to be understood."
"My boyfriend now is Guatemalan and Black, and he was raised by his mother who is Guatemalan, so he’s the only Black person, she continued. "It’s culturally different, but I realized I can still find a way to understand [them]. Even though everyone is speaking Spanish around me and I don’t understand it, his mother is so kind and open that there’s not a problem. I don’t feel like I’m an outsider.


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