Lil Kim's Assistant Speaks For Her?

Lil Kim's devoted fanbase seems to have finally gotten frustrated with the Queen Bee. The source of her fan's ire was twofold: Kim promised a new mixtape around New Year's that never materialized--continuing a long string of, well, not releasing music; and Kim voiced support for boxer Floyd Mayweather, who pleaded guilty to domestic abuse charges after he was accused of punching his ex in front of their children.
Kim's assistant, Noel, hopped on Twitter to fight back the backlash.
"Wait wait wait. im not about 2 sit up here & get attacked. @LilKim is a human being w/ a personal life & friends like we are. Loyal, caring.," Noel tweeted. "@LilKim has been thru a similar situation & her good friend needed her thru a rough time & she is there to support & help him thru it."
"@LilKim has been busy over there & still has u guys in her heart & mind. its still coming but things need to be right & timing as well." the rant continued. "It wasnt our place 2 say cause' its floyds situation. i guess they wanted 2 be private. i really do apologize 4 the delay. it will work out."
"@HOVBLANCO it was going to be a holiday ep. she announced that before she spoke with floyd & had to do what she had to do with him," added Noel. "@AyeGeee i never acted oblivious. i never said a date or nothing. i said kim would give yall more info when she could & she will."
"@AyeGeee i understand. & trust me @LilKim loves u guys soooooooo much. u have no idea. she lives & breathes u guys but she is a true artist," says Noel.


TUG said…
Lil Kim need to do porn and stop rapping!

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