Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mac Miller Praises His Favorites

Mac Miller revealed who some of his favorite hip hop newcomers are and who he hopes to see do well in 2012. In a recent interview with VIBE, the Pennsylvania native name-dropped several of hip hop's most promising young stars as the artists he believes will do great things this year.
"I wanna see A$AP Rocky have a big year, 'cause that's the homie. I wanna see him doing big things," Miller said. "[Kendrick Lamar], I'm a huge fan. Section 80 is a great album. I listen to it all the time and I just think he's real creative and he definitely has something to say. I wanna see Mikey Rocks have a big year too because, I mean and Chuck [Inglish] too, but you know like Mikey, he put out these two mixtapes that have been just real ill and he's doing his thing. ... I wanna see Casey Veggies have a big year. That's the homie and I'm always supportive of him. I wanna see Meek Mill have a big year too. That's Pennsylvania love and he's real good peoples."

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