Mama Jones Blasts Olivia?

Jim Jones' Mama is off the leash again. Mama Jones hopped on Twitter and went on a scathing (and embarrassing) rant against "Love & Hip Hop" castmember Olivia. Olivia made fun of Mama Nancy's husky voice in a recent episode of the show, and Mama didn't take the jokes too well, apparently.
"I don't like Olivia!" she tweeted. "Don't ever, ever put my name in your mouth and you were the 'puff puff' pass for #GUnit? If u ever wear a tie I would choke u w/that tie & if u ever call urself imitating me bad, bad day we're back at Sq.1a slap in yaface."
After Olivia tweeted a reply, "I wanna respect my elders but 4some odd reason this old bag keeps f**kin w/me & aint nobody thinkin bout u so suck my d*ck."
Mama Jones' rant only got more embarrassing.
"You been puffffd & passed around from #GUnit now u can suck my CL*T! I know I heard u had a dck," she tweeted. She then lashed out at Yandy Smith. "Ufckd up, where's ur bucks all ucan do now is drive a truck &push it w/ur big FAT butt, now you'll uhave no more good luck."
"I hate u, ur gonna hate me, we're never gonna be a family, I'll kick ur ass from here2Japan, I don't give a freakn damn!" Mama Jones continued. "#Homedepot is hiring or either #Barney 'I love you, you love me.'"
"She's not two faced, she is 5 faced," Jones added.


Anonymous said…
I so love momma jones she don't play. That's wat I be sayin but I kno jimmy &chrissy better have checked olivia ass

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