Solange On Her New Music

Solange opened up about her upcoming indie album and the sexual content in some of the songs. Many people still see the (underrated?) artist first and foremost as Beyonce's lil sis, but she's carved her own niche in music--even if she's not as celebrated as Bey.
But she says even 'kid sister' likes to get grown and sexy.
"There are a lot of songs about sex. It’s the kind of record you put on when your man is coming over, when you’re with your girls," she says. "There are songs that make you wanna dance because we were kind of partying our way through the record, but it’s very chill. My references for the record were all Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, not just their typical Janet and Prince stuff, but SOS Band and their b-sides with Chaka Khan. At first the songs were really dark because I had a premonition before the record that I was going to die. I was having panic attacks and wiling out. [But] I don’t need anyone telling me ‘this isn’t cool enough’ or anyone from the opposite end saying ‘this seems kind of weird.’


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