Prodigy's Erica Mena Story

Erica Mena, of "Love & Hip Hop" fame, has more than a few skeletons hanging out in her closet. Apparently, the reality show star has a bit of a raunchy history with rappers, and Prodigy of Mobb Deep recounted a story involving Erica in his autobiography, My Infamous Life.
Apparently, Erica used to date Havoc of Mobb Deep, but one night while all were out getting wasted at a nightclub, she let Prodigy put his hand up her skirt. He convinced her to leave with him and the two were headed to the car when Havoc rolled up and screamed for her to leave with him.
And she's worried about VH1 'ruining' her image?


KamasutraDaBoss said…
I already saw enough to know I do not like her messy, non-singing ass. She act worse than the bitches she claim is "fuckin up her money"! And then to call the POLICE, Smdh, she wrote off as far as I'm concerned.
bigtex65 said…
Yeah ,its kind of hard to take girls like her seriously but she is REALY hot , one thing I notice us these rappers be getting it in , congrats to them , but to you gold diggers , if sex got you in the game , it will keep you out of the industry. But she is fine.

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