RZA Is Focused On Staying Drug-Free

Rapper/actor/producer RZA is adding a few titles to his already lengthy string of jobs. As the Wu-Tang leader has branched into directing with his feature film debut The Man With the Iron Fists, RZA told Chelsea Handler that he's gotten rid of some old habits as he looks to move into the next phase of his life and career.
“Making music and weed went together for me – many years," RZA said regarding his new, drug-free lifestyle. "I’ve been in the studio making hits, and weed was always there. But I’ve transferred myself.”
...Iron Fists is scheduled to be released in October of 2012, and stars Pam Grier, Lucy Liu and Russell Crowe--who starred alongside RZA in Ridley Scott's 2008 film American Gangster.
RZA will also be appearing on this season of Showtime's hit "Californication.


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