2 Chainz Focusing On New Music

2 Chainz is gearing up for a big rest of the year. Now that he's officially linked up with Def Jam, the Atlanta hip hop star is focused on releasing new music to sustain the wave of buzz he's brought from 2011 into the start of 2012.
"I'm excited about putting out new music. Fortunately for me I have so many features that's not out yet. I have features that's out and then my mixtape definitely has some more legroom on it," Chainz said in an interview. "Some songs that still haven't peaked. I don't like putting out music to confuse the consumer or to cause problems to my own campaign. So I got some really dope records. I'm just waiting on the right time to release them. ... Be looking out for a major release from 2 Chainz this year. Major distribution on Def Jam. And I'll be working with another artist. I'll be making a surprise announcement [about it] later on, [and I'll reveal] who I'm gonna be partnering up with. You a smart motherf*cker so I'm not gonna give you all the information you need. But it's going down."


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