50 Cent Doubts Birdman's Bet?

50 Cent told Yahoo about the the money he has riding on his hometown New York Giants in tonight's Super Bowl and clarified a weird Twitter rumor about him supposedly going nude if Eli Manning and Co. lost the big game.
"This is what happens," 50 Cent explained. "People say really crazy things on my Twitter, and I say, 'Okay,' so my fans can see what crazy people are saying." About the money, 50 said, "I won [five hundred-thousand] on a bet on the last Giants game. So I said I'll bet it back. ...It would just be risking what I won the first time."
50 also expressed some doubt about Cash Money head Bryan "Birdman/Baby" Williams' alleged $5 million bet on the New England Patriots. "Baby has said he has five million dollars on the Patriots. I think he just was passionate about the Patriots winning and he just said that. I don't think he would actually bet five million dollars," 50 said.


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