Jay-Z Is Trying To Revitalize Rocawear

Hip hop mogul Jay-Z is struggling to revitalize his once-thriving Rocawear clothing brand. The rapper is starring in the line's first-ever television commercial campaign, entitled "From Marcy to Madison Square;" which chronicles his rise from Brooklyn projects to global fame.
Rocawear has experienced a global sales dip of $500 million.
There have been rumors that Jay was leaving the brand. Iconix bought Rocawear for $204 million in 2007 and Iconix CEO/president Neil Cole said that Jay is still active in his role with Rocawear. “Of course, he’s a busy guy between his tour and his new baby and his music,” Cole said. “Are there times when he’s not on tour and not in the studio where we get more time with him? Yes. And are there times when we have to work via e-mail and through other channels? Yes. But we are lucky enough to get a lot of his time and caring.”


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