50 Cent Visits Africa

50 Cent's promises of tackling hunger in Africa have proven to be more than just rhetoric. The hip hop star visited Africa this week in an effort to further his highly-publicized Street King initiative, which aims to deliver food to starving countries.
"These are words I never thought I'd string together: I just spent the past few days on a humanitarian mission in Africa... with 50 Cent," reported Dan Harris of ABC News. Harris noted 50 Cent's own impoverished background and how the rapper is now combating a level of desperation even he had never encountered.
"At a refugee camp in Somalia, he was left speechless at points," recollected Harris. "At a school in Kenya's largest slum, he danced with the kids."
"To meet those kids was so inspiring, they have nothing, yet they are so positive and optimistic," 50 Cent shared. "I want to do my part so they get food and an education. I hope more people will join me to help end this devastating situation."


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