Khloe K. Talks Kimmy & Kanye

Amber Rose has stated that her previous relationship with rapper Kanye West was sabotaged by celebutante/reality star Kim Kardashian. Rose claims Kimmy made sexual advances at Kanye--and the two of them did more than flirt. But Kim's sister, Khloe, told Sway in the morning that Kim and Yeezy only briefly toyed with the idea of getting together.
"Well Kanye and Kim are friends," Khloe says. "I love Kanye. Kanye is friends with Lamar and myself. Kanye has been friends with Kim for a few years now. They at one point a few years ago (right after Reggie [Bush]), they were talking and trying to go on a date here and there but it just didn’t work out."
"No, she’s never told me they have [had sex] and we talk about all that kind of stuff but I will say that I love Kanye," Khloe continued. "I love him and he’s and an amazing guy. He’s spent Christmas at our house; we have Christmas Eve parties and he’s come to them. He’s nothing but amazing and I know people have a lot to say about him but he’s been nothing but amazing to everyone in my family. Whenever I see him he’s so cool."
"Honestly, 99.9% I would know if they have [slept together]," she added. "I know they hung out but I know it’s never gotten to there. I know because they each respect each other and I think if they were ever to go there, I think it would be like a long relationship. I genuinely think that too because we have so much in common like our families, losing parents and we do have a lot of connections. I think that if they were to go there, it would be a long relationship. From what I’ve been told and even how they are around each other it’s not like that."
"I don’t know Amber. A lot of people like to use my sister’s name for their own benefit," Khloe said regarding Rose's allegations. "I don’t know but everything from even him being around my mom, him being around Lamar or even his kids, it’s never been on that level. I do know that they’re friends and I do think they might have that feeling for each other, I just don’t think its worked, timing-wise."


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