Pill Discusses Exit From MMG

Pill recently discussed his high-publicized departure from Maybach Music Group and the difficulty he felt finding his niche within the camp. The Atlanta hip hop star says that he felt isolated within Rick Ross' crew and doesn't believe it was the best fit for both parties involved.
"Nah, he never tried to get me to do anything different. He believed in me, from what I felt and what was told to me," Pill said about Ross. "But it just never really materialized. Like he said in [his interview with MTV], it was a special stipulation to where I got to run with them 'cause I was already over at Warner. And I appreciate the love from Maybach [Music Group] and from Ross and everybody over there for giving me that opportunity because it got me in a different spot. It kinda saved me. It's just that it never really went further to where it was supposed to go. All of us [in MMG] was supposed to be at that forefront, but it was like these three guys and then Pill. It was like, "D*mn, so what's up with Pill? Why his sh*t ain't on this radio station? Why his sh*t ain't on MTV?" But everybody else's was. So it was almost like I was just that other guy."


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