Rick Ross Happy About Maybach's Demise

When it was announced late last year that the uber-luxury Maybach car brand would be discontinuing, many hip hop fans had to wonder what Miami rap star Rick Ross thought of the news. He is, after all, the man behind Maybach Music Group and has long been visually-affiliated with the famous car.
But Rozay says no more Maybachs is a good thing.
"I think, just that level of luxury is just inspiration for people who started, like myself, who just looked and fantasized," Ross said in an interview. "I look at it as it makes the brand even more exclusive now. I think the cars are going to become even more expensive now, so everybody who has one, hold on to it for a little while. ... When we say Maybach Music, it's not about the car, it's just about the level of quality and the time that we put into the sound and that was just a way to express it where people could really understand it," he said. "We done got a lot of love, so shout out to everybody that support double M-G."


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