Somaya Reece On "Classy Girl:"

Somaya Reece knows that some fans scoffed at her single"Classy Girl," and its fashionable video. The sexy reality star and rapper addressed the clip, song and why she relishes defying the public's perception of who she is.
"I wanted to show people the chameleon I am," she told SOHH. "For the people that know me from my TV and movie roles, I wanted them to see how much I've grown as far as musically, artistically. I wanted people to see the way I put my music together and I also wanted to show people what a chameleon was."
"People are so used to seeing me be over-the-top that in the video, I really toned it down," she added. "It was just enough. I had a close-up scene with the curly hair and very minimal makeup. You can really see my eye lashes on there."
"I don't think people are used to seeing me like this because they're used to 'Love & Hip Hop' and how I look on there," says Reece. "It's a little over-the-top, which I like, I like those things, but I wanted to make this more of a very visual, fashion piece."


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