Wiz Khalifa's Controversial Kiss

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is known for his public displays of affection. But usually, he's tonguing down his girlfriend Amber Rose on some red carpet or in some VIP party. His latest bit of lip-locking has gotten other folks' tongues wagging.
A photo hit the Web that features Wiz planting a big, wet one on his Mom, Katie “Peachie” Wimbush.
Pretty sweet, right?
Well, a few people were a little put-off by the photo, with mother and son kissing each other on the lips and some fans and blogs reacting negatively to the image.
Do you think there's anything wrong with this picture?


chiina215boo said…
i personally dnt think theres,something arguing with kissing yur mother on the lips but like that its, kinda, inappropriate that honestly doesn't look normal wen i first look at the pix before i read it i thought this was his new girl lol!!!

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