Terrence J Tweets His Gratitude

"106 & Park" host Terrence J took a moment to express his gratitude for his career up to this point. The TV personality, who has also branched out into acting, shared his joy with his followers and sounded stunned by how far he's come in just a few short years.
"The fact that I can get Russell, Puff, or Denzel on the horn if I wanted to still freaks me out to this day," he posted. "Damn, life is crazy. It feels like I was just in NC dreaming about this. Now I’m packing for LA to attend my 1st movie premiere. Still can’t believe this."
"Sometimes I look at my girl & I just can’t believe it," he continued. "I can’t believe this is my life. I’m so thankful. Sometimes its overwhelming. People will always have something to say. As long as my moms good, bills paid & team is eating nothing else matters. Not even a little."
"I guess my point is, if I can live my dreams so can you," Terrence J added. "Dream big. As big as u can. Don’t let anything stop you."
"God bless."


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