Tyga Discusses Album Delay

Tyga explained to DJ Greg Street exactly what happened to his studio debut Careless World: Rise of the Last King. The album had been suddenly recalled over an uncleared sample of Martin Luther King, Jr. and he shared what led to the problem.
"Basically, [the stores and label] recalled them," he explained. "I'm looking on my Twitter and fans are hitting me up all day like, posting pictures of [the album] and they have some in stores, but then they have a piece of paper next to them saying 'Recalled - can't sell.' I'm like, 'Yo, this is crazy.' My fans are going crazy, like, 'I have it in my hand, I'm thinking about just stealing it, but I wanna buy it though,' and I'm like, 'Nah, just go back tomorrow,' so they're going to get a lot shipped today [Monday February 20], and it'll be in stores tomorrow."


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