Ashanti Talks Sex

R&B star Ashanti chopped it up with Hot 107.9 in Philadelphia and shared a few 'intimate' details about her sex life and what she's into and not into when it comes to the bedroom.
According to Ashanti, sex on the first date is a no-no.
"Nah, you’re waiting almost a year. It’s not going that easy," she says. When asked about her...(ahem)...grooming, she was frank about her preferred approach. "Landing strip, as long as it’s cute, nice and neat."
Other turn-ons she looks for?
"You have to smell good. I like a good cologne; not like really strong," replied Ashanti.
And in terms of her favorite position?
"How can I say this nicely and politically?" she said with a laugh. "I like to stand on top of things."


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