Nas Revisits 2Pac Conflict?

In a recent interview, rapper Nas recollected a tense confrontation he had with the late 2Pac and members of Death Row Records during a 'meeting' in NYC's Central Park. The incident reportedly took place after the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards.
"What [Tupac] said to me was, 'Me and you are brothers. Me and you are never supposed to go at it. But I heard you was dissing me on mixtapes'," recounted Nas. "I'm like, 'I heard you was dissing me on this new Makaveli album.' You were there, you know how none of us could be sitting here, me and you right now because it was a very dangerous situation right there and greater heads prevailed. We both knew we were supposed to continue that conversation and probably just squash the whole thing. I was scheduled to meet him in Vegas; you and Jimmy Iovine called me at 4AM and told me he might not make it."


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