Birdman On Business Ventures

Cash Money CEO Bryan "Birdman" Williams has some interesting business deals on the horizon for his ever-expanding brand. The mogul spoke about Cash Money's latest single "Take It to the Head" and the label's projects that are in the pipeline while on the set for a Drake video shoot.
“‘Take It To The Head,’ that’s a hit. That b*tch bubbling. It came out today,” Birdman said. “I also want to update ya’ll on all the other sh*t. The books, the movies, the clothes. The f**kin GT Vodka. The TRUKFIT. Everything that we doing as a team. And he [DJ Khaled] also got a production team.”
“Also, we done did us a book deal. I had to do that with my n***a," he added. "We gone turn the book that he doing straight into a movie. We’re working on that script right now."


estroJen said…
yeah but nothing to educate, empower our youth..just their own pockets...fuck cash money...where is their statement on issues like where...fucking losers...who cares about a movie or book deal when our own children are killing our own...and vodka...what about educational programming...useless, ignorant and the white mans bitches, that's all ya are..

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