Game Discusses Trayvon Martin

Rapper Game has become the latest hip hop figure to address the killing of Trayvon Martin. Martin was shot by neighborhood watch 'captain' George Zimmerman though Martin was unarmed. Zimmerman has not been arrested. The murder of the 17-year old Black teen in Sanford, FL has raised the ire of many across the U.S. and the world, and hip hop stars have tweeted about the killing and spoken at-length about what the incident says about race relations in America.
"I think that from the beginning of mankind, we as a people have always been targeted," he said. "For some reason, people don't think that they need any excuse to kill us, beat us, hit us, run us over, disrespect us or anything like that...I'm far from racist. I'm very educated and intellectual and I understand how life works and how people of all colors exist under the sun, but it just seems like more than not black people are, I don't know, there's always some negative occurrence that goes on in our existence. This is just another reminder that stupidity still exists."


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