Drake's Alleged 'Girlfriend' Speaks

Despite reports that Drizzy Drake has gotten booed up with a white girl in Dallas named Stephanie, the woman in question has come forward to snuff out any rumors that she and the Young Money star are an item. Stephanie Monique told Bossip that there is no truth to the rumors.
“I have met him several times, and yes I went to the shows no doubt. But off of my own dime," she says. "Not his help. I’m a huge fan of his work. But that’s it. We have been in the same places at times. But NEVER had sex or nothing. I do model, but I work full time as well. I have a lot going on. Too much to worry about Drake. I have been to after parties, I’m a college graduate, and a business professional.”
Stephanie also pointed out that she's actually Black and Panamanian and has no interest in groupiedom.
“I’m a working, PROFESSIONAL, woman. Not a gold digger, and certainly not some whore that’s boning Drake for perks," she added. "Sometimes us chicks do things for reasons unsaid. But, I do NOT know DRAKE… Haters will be haters! It’s evident! Whoever is that damn NOSEY to send a story to a media outlet AFTER I let it be known, I was doing it to make my ex jealous! And that source that reported it is WACK for not getting the facts correct first!”


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