Bobbi Kristina's Rumored Romance?

Rumors are flying fast and furious that Bobby Kristina (soon to be officially known as Kristina Houston) has been getting close to her friend and Houston family friend Nick Gordon. Gordon has blasted anyone within earshot for spreading stories about the two dating.
"We're just close -- just going through her mom's passing and grieving together," he said previously.
The two have come under intense scrutiny due to Gordon being considered almost an 'adopted son' by Whitney Houston and her family.
"All the haters that don't know us or the real story can't unfollow me. I don't give a f**k." "I've proved my loyalty to her and the Houston family. I don't owe any of you anything. Ha, I don't even know y'all haters. Some ppl [people] have no lives so they gotta be in ours," he tweeted. "For the stupid ppl out there, she gave birth to 1 child. And she trusted me with EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And, "She called me her "God Son." I swear some ppl in this world act like they don't have a brain …"
Despite Nick's rants, the two were spotted in Atlanta holding hands.


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