Game On "R.E.D. Album" Sales:

While some may consider the fact that Game's 2011 release The R.E.D. Album has yet to cross the platinum sales mark something of disappointment; Game himself dismisses the notion that the project was a failure. The rapper discussed the album's commercial reception and shared that he's confident that it will reach a million sales soon enough.
"We about to put out the last video for The R.E.D. AlbumThe R.E.D. Album exceeded my expectations and did well," he said. "No matter what an album comes out and sells the first week, it'll end up catching platinum in the long run, 'cause I definitely have a million fans out there somewhere. I don't know what they be doing the first week, but my albums always have legs. But just for that album to come out and be No. 1, that's all I wanted. So I got what I wanted. And we shot the last video with Kendrick Lamar to 'The City.'"


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