No Malice Reveals Depression

No Malice of The Clipse has undergone a well-documented religious transformation. Formerly known simply as Malice, the rapper is focused on using his newfound spirituality to uplift his music and his audience, and in a recent interview with the Breakfast Club, he revealed just how deeply affected he was by his fame and how much it depressed him to still feel hollow even after finding material success.
“Being in this industry for as long as I’ve been and seeing the things that I’ve seen and accumulating the things that I’ve accumulated and have all of that and still feeling empty inside it really showed me something,” said No Malice. “And that’s what I find to be so ironic right now is that to be at the pinnacle of your career and to be touring and making money and having the things that you want but still not fulfilled. I just knew the life I was living wasn’t right. And you know, that’s not everybody. I’m just telling my story.”


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