Kreayshawn Received Death Threats

Rapper Kreayshawn addressed the controversy over some phony tweets that were posted on her Twitter account. The tweets included insensitive remarks about slavery and Black people and she says she was shocked to see them.
"I was asleep when all this started unfolding, you know how Twitter has the trending topics...Well this one I guess was fake retweets of me," Kreay explained. "And then everyone started doing it. Like, "Lets put RT in front of Kreayshawn's name" and saying these horrible things, and finally my fans and a few of my friends started hitting me like "your page's been hacked." I went on Twitter and saw that there wasn't anything on my timeline that I didn't tweet. But then I checked my @replies and I saw everything."
She says her mother has had to endure poor treatment since the postings.
"I am tough. I've had pimps pull my arm. I'm hard, but deep down I'm a real person. And when people are tweeting things at me, it hurts. Part of it is being imaged as 'the white rapper girl'. I feel like people just don't like that. There's some sort of novelty about it, like it's not real. But it is. People tweet my mom saying all sorts of crazy things, like they want to kill her. And I think people thought it was funny. But it's not. The guy who started it has over 10,000 followers. But people with 500 followers are going to think it's real. What if someone slaps me? ... The part that worries me is people who are going to think it's real after the fact. My mom is kind of an overreacter. I've seen this kind of stuff before. So I'm not that worried."


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