Pleasure P Show Shooting Investigated

Police are investigating the specifics regarding a shootout that took place following a Pleasure P concert in Wichita, Kansas this past weekend. Officers engaged in a shootout with a man in a parking garage, resulting in the death of one individual.
According to the Wichita Eagle reports that a fight erupted around 2:00 AM after the singer's show at Doc Howard's Lounge, and soon there was gunfire.
There was one casualty, but no details have been released.
The owner of Doc Howard's, Bryan Shapiro addressed the fact that his club was linked to a shooting that did not take place on the property. "It happened in the middle of the street in the most neutral part of Old Town. They just happened to run in our direction," he said. "We're an easy target [for blame]."
"We're the biggest boy on the block, and the biggest boy sometimes takes most of the blame," he added.


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