Maia Campbell Attempting Comeback?

Former sitcom actress Maia Campbell appears to truly have her life together. After a well-documented fall from grace that seemed to reach its lowest point a few years ago when she was featured in a YouTube, strung out and shouting profanity; Campbell is focused on reclaiming her acting career.
‘I know the last time everyone saw me, I was way out there on the other stretch of the road," she says in a new PSA video. "I got myself together, I’ve been sober for two years and I’ve been stable and very [aware] of how this industry works. I’ve been in this industry since I was a little girl so I’m a professional. I am very able to jump back into these waters and swim deep and get it in. So let’s get it poppin’
In the late 90s, Campbell starred alongside hip hop superstar LL Cool J on the NBC sitcom "In the House."


Anonymous said…
SUPER glad she is doing so much better. You Go Girl

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