Murs & Fashawn Dropping Double EP

Indie stars Murs and Fashawn have announced that they will be releasing a collaborative double-disc EP. Fashawn told TheWellVersed that the project is about halfway done, and is being produced by K-Salaam and Beatnick. One half of the release will focus on Murs' work and the other will focus on Fashawn.
"Alright yeah, well we’re about 50 percent done with that and that’s gonna be dope. And I think we’re gonna double disk that," said Fash. "I think we might do it EP style and just put this project out. Like there’s the Murs and Me project and then there’s Me and Fash. Each project that has the 'me' in the title, then that person’s taking the lead on the project. Like the Murs and Me project, I’m taking the lead on that one. And the Me and Fash project, Murs is taking the lead on that EP. And its produced by K-Salaam & Beatnick. That’s gonna be awesome, can’t wait ‘til ya’ll to hear that."
"Yeah, we’re just trying to figure out a creative way to package it and put it out ‘cause you know, me and Murs, we have an extensive catalog," he continued. "We just wanna do something innovative and fresh and that’s why I like collaborating with each other. This is my first time ever doing an album with another emcee so that should be interesting."


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