Melanie Fiona's Split

Melanie Fiona hinted that she was going through a little bit of heartache in recent interviews and a lot of her latest material has been a little on the downside. The singer revealed that she broke up with her boyfriend, actor Adam Rodriguez, one of the stars of "C.S.I."
"The same thing that happened to you and the girl down the street," Fiona told The Breakfast Club. "Love somebody. He’s not a good dude. Shows you one side of him, gets comfortable and starts going back to his old ways. He doesn’t want to admit that he’s possibly ready to be the man he presented himself to be but kind of wants to string you along. By that time, you’re already fully engulfed in love and you’re doing all these foolish things for love."
"Pretty much, you just get to that point where you are so in love with somebody that you are just willing to accept all of the things that they do to you," she added. "It’s really not okay and I know that I consider myself to be a strong intelligent woman. So when emotions get the best of you, it’s really hard to break that cycle but when you do, then you got to find strength in it and put it in music. You let other people know that you’re not immune to it."
"The minute I don’t feel like I’m respected as an equal in that relationship," she says. "That’s a wrap."


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